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With more than 100 years of shared legal experience, attorneys at the Federal Practice Group offer substantial knowledge and insight to clients embroiled in a variety of legal conundrums. At the firm, attorneys work with clients who are facing difficulties under United States federal jurisdiction anywhere in the world.

From military criminal defense to federal employee regulations to international commerce, federal cases require an added level of dedication and skill on the part of the representing attorney. Do not hurt your chances of success by working with a lawyer who is insufficiently prepared for the task of protecting your interests at this level.

Internationally Recognized Legal Advocacy

The attorneys at the Federal Practice Group work with a broad selection of cases from clients all over the world. Their strategy is simple and effective: to pursue justice for the client as efficiently and affordably as possible, while maintaining the integrity of both their short- and long-term interests.

Bolstered by an office culture of strong work ethic as well as an international network of contacts and resources, the Federal Practice Group is able to consistently provide unsurpassed representation to clients facing highly complex legal challenges within the realm of U.S. federal law.

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Difficult cases require high-caliber defense. When the stakes are high, choose an attorney who is prepared to advance your interests and protect your rights knowledgeably and aggressively.

Whether your case involves military penalties or may jeopardize your rights as a federal employee, you can trust the Federal Practice Group to provide effective, strategic legal defense no matter where you are in the world.

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