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Security Clearance Lawyer DC

DC Security Clearance Lawyer

Lady justice statue, gavel, and law books belonging to a DC Security Clearance LawyerCertain occupations in private and government sectors will require you to obtain a federal security clearance, which may require the help of a DC security clearance lawyer from our firm. These are most commonly needed in law enforcement, intelligence, the defense industry, security, and other federal positions. Without obtaining a security clearance, you may be unable to carry out certain tasks that are part of your job position. 

The Federal Practice Group Helps Clients Who Are Facing Legal Matters Regarding Security Clearances 

During your career, it is possible that you will be part of a periodic review, background check, or investigation based upon misconduct (for example). If you pass any of these assessments, you could lose your security clearance, and subsequently your job position. If this is something you are concerned about, you may want to retain a lawyer. For years, we have been assisting clients who are seeking to reinstate or retain their security clearance. From our firm located in Washington DC, our DC security clearance lawyer has represented men and women throughout the U.S., and also abroad. To find out how we may be able to help you, please call a lawyer now. 

The Application Process

Any employee who is based in a position that requires access to sensitive data, information, or a restricted area must pass a security clearance. This process begins with the completion of an application which is called the Standard Form 86 Questionnaire or the  Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing. Any information provided in either form is considered to be done on a volunteer basis; however, it is prudent that it is answered in truth. Once completed, it is typically sent to the Department of Defense or Office of Personnel Management for review and consideration. 

Appeal a Security Clearance that Has Been Denied or Revoked

Any person with a security clearance has a responsibility that must not be underestimated. This clearance is essentially the federal government giving you some level of access to information that is private or secret in nature. A suspended, revoked, or denied clearance could result in your inability to do your job. It could also prevent you from getting promotions or other positions that require clearance above what you had. This outcome is certainly possible, which is why you should have a lawyer on your side. We understand how important a security clearance is, and we will make it our objective to protect your career – and by extension, your life, your family, and your future. 

It is possible to file an appeal. These cases are generally not easy, but with the right plan of strategy and defense, they can be successful. Having the right lawyer can make a big difference between keeping your job and losing it, along with your security clearance. 

We Represent Federal Employees and Contractors

If you are a federal employee, a contractor for the Department of Defense, or another worker with a federal security clearance, and have been denied a security clearance, your career is at stake. It is your right to file an appeal, denial, or revocation. You can present yourself at a hearing and argue your right to keep your clearance. To get started, please call a DC security clearance lawyer at The Federal Practice Group now.

DC Security Clearance Lawyer FAQs

Do I need to hire a security clearance lawyer if I was denied clearance?

With the assistance of our DC security clearance lawyer there is hope for those who have been denied a government job based on a perceived security issue.  A frustrating aspect of the security clearance process is that the goal is to eliminate prospective candidates– not encourage them. Because of this approach, many qualified candidates are unfairly turned away. Without hiring legal representation from a lawyer, a DC resident may not make progress toward overturning the denial. Those who choose to represent themselves in an appeal hearing are often unprepared for the onslaught of cross-examination and the concerns that are presented by the government’s seasoned attorney. As a result, the court does not rule in their favor, and they do not get the job that they deserve. Our lawyer may be able to help you turn that situation around to a positive conclusion. Call The Federal Practice Group to learn more.

Is hiring a lawyer expensive?

Like any other qualified and experienced professional, a lawyer charges for their legal services. What is important for an individual to consider is the cost of the lawyer versus the loss of the coveted federal job and its attending salary. Obviously, some jobs pay more than others so this is a general guideline that must be considered on a case-by-case basis. We welcome you to contact our firm for an estimate of costs associated with hiring our DC security clearance lawyer. The cost varies based on the services you may benefit from based on the unique circumstances of your case.

What legal services might a security clearance lawyer offer me?

  • Our security clearance lawyer can prepare your formal response to the federal agency’s Letter of Intent (LOI) that denied your clearance. Part of this process is to address the Statement of Reasons listed within the LOI.
  • Our security clearance lawyer can file the necessary documentation to request an appeal hearing.
  • Our security clearance lawyer can also prepare for the appeal hearing as well as represent you.
  • Our security clearance lawyer has the necessary experience to accurately identify and elucidate the factual or procedural errors that occurred during the security check process.
  • Our security clearance lawyer can apply again for clearance on your behalf after the required elapsed time which is usually a year after the initial denial. Part of this process includes receiving approval from the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals before proceeding with the second application. You must submit compelling evidence that your circumstances have dramatically changed since the time of your denial.
  • If you choose to pursue a second application after a denial, the prospective employer must be willing to sponsor you.

If you are in need of a DC security clearance lawyer clients recommend, contact The Federal Practice Group to request a complimentary case review to learn how we can help you.

How Do I Obtain a Security Clearance?

Having a security clearance is crucial for many people who work for the federal government (and federal contractors) or are in the military. Like many government endeavors, however, obtaining security clearance can be endlessly frustrating and bureaucratic. Therefore, it’s important to understand some basic information ahead of time and to work with an experienced DC security clearance lawyer who offers related services from The Federal Practice Group.

Security Clearances – A Basic Overview

There are generally two criteria you must meet in order to be eligible to apply for a security clearance. The first is that you must be a United States citizen. The second is that you must be hired for a job that requires clearance (access to classified information) and be sponsored by your employer (either the federal government itself or a government contractor).

Assuming that you are hired and sponsored, you can then apply for a security clearance, which is broken down into three levels: Confidential, secret and top secret.

What Many People Get Wrong About Security Clearances

If you have earned security clearance in the past through a previous government job or military service, it would be tempting to assume that you get to keep it going forward. This isn’t necessarily the case.

Generally, your clearance can be easily reinstated in another job for up to two years after leaving the job in which you originally had clearance. The length of time you remain eligible also will depend on how recently you were subjected to investigation or periodic reinvestigation.

What To Do If You Hit Snags in the Security Clearance Process

Individuals must be cleared and periodically re-cleared, and a security clearance can be revoked at any time. This is one of the many reasons why it makes sense to work with an experienced DC security clearance lawyer when navigating security clearance matters. When you need this clearance to do your job and the process of getting and keeping one is fickle, having a strong advocate on your side can make a big difference. Unfortunately, you can even be denied clearance for reasons that seem unrelated to your trustworthiness. These can include evidence of:

  •         Traffic offenses
  •         Significant debt
  •         Defaulting on a loan such as a mortgage
  •         Inadvertently providing a false answer on forms like the SF-86

Whether you’re active-duty military, hold a federal government job or work for a government contractor, earning and keeping your security clearance is the key to your continued employment. For these reasons and more, it is a good idea to work with an experienced lawyer throughout the application process. If necessary, an experienced DC security clearance lawyer can also assist you through the appeals process as well; contact one at The Federal Practice Group today. 

Getting Help From an Attorney For a Military Proceeding Related to Your Security Clearance

The experienced team at The Federal Practice Group has represented both current and retired members of the Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard related to various serious legal challenges, including those involving security clearance. We understand just how upset you may feel being accused of a military infraction after having served for your country. You can trust that we can utilize aggressive legal strategies in defense of our clients. We thank you for your service and look forward to hearing about how we can help you with your legal challenges. Don’t hesitate to call our experienced DC security clearance lawyer team today if you are in need of dedicated legal representation. 

Our team represents clients who are dealing with: 

  • Courts-Martial: we can offer legal representation and advice during an Article 32 investigation. We can also help protect you during both preliminary and subsequent legal proceedings related to the general courts-martial, summary courts-martial, or special courts-martial. Many such proceedings involve alleged infractions involving security clearance. Know that our DC security clearance lawyer team is equipped to handle these challenges effectively.
  • ROTC Disenrollments: Academy and ROTC cadets who were disenrolled are currently facing a disenrollment can turn to our team for your hearings. We can work to prevent your disenrollment so you can continue working towards your goals.
  • Corrections of Discharge Upgrades or Military Records: if you believe an error or injustice was made on your discharge or military record, we can give you information about how to seek an administrative remedy so your record can be corrected. This is particularly important if you hope to maintain your security clearance in the private sector. A lawyer at our firm can help.
  • Court-Martial Appeals: we strive to defend clients who served in the military by standing by them during appeals to the higher courts. We work hard to reduce our client’s sentence or get the charge overturned if possible.
  • Personal Injury/Privacy Claims Against Government: we offer assistance to injured service members or the families of those who lost their loved one due to military negligence in non-combat duties. We can protect those who have suffered damage due to personal privacy law violations.
  • Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) Recommendations: we strongly encourage military members who suspect they received an incorrect PEB determination. We can help you prove the state of your mental and physical condition in order to be accepted into the military, receive a military promotion, or for long-term disability eligibility.
  • Military Command/IG Investigations: military members who are going through an investigation that could impact their career, must get legal protection to shield them from extreme consequences. This includes loss of security clearance, which could impact your livelihood. Our team can advise you of your options.
  • Security Clearance Reinstatement: Our team can plan a course of action to help military personnel reinstate or retain their level of security clearance.
  • Hearings for Administrative Discharge: if you are being removed from the military for a serious reason, we can work to secure your separation with a general discharge or honorable discharge. If you prefer to remain in the military then we can help you seek to stay in your current position. 

If you are an active or retired member of the United States military and require representation as a legal proceeding is being handled, then we can offer the support you need. We are ready to take your call. Contact a DC security clearance lawyer at The Federal Practice Group today.

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