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Military Defense Law Firm Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton Military Defense Law Firm

Gavel in front of judge's hands as they review information from a Camp Pendleton Military Defense Law FirmAt the Federal Practice Group, our Camp Pendleton military defense law firm understands that you may be up against the government at this time, and are in dire need of legal assistance. If the government has offered to provide you with an attorney at no cost to you, we strongly encourage you to consider hiring one instead. There are good reasons to choose a team that feels right for you, instead of being assigned someone you aren’t sure you can trust.

With so much at risk, such as your freedom, future employment, and reputation, you need a legal defense that is top-tier. Remember, with all things considered, if you do not win your case then this will cost you substantially more in the long-term, compared to the amount it would have been to hire a reputable attorney yourself. 

If you lose at trial, there is a chance that you may go to jail for your offenses. Additionally, you may suffer these costs: 

  • Losing your retirement
  • Losing your job
  • Losing your retirement
  • Losing medical benefits
  • Registering as sex offender
  • Having to pay back military academy education cost
  • Losing military housing benefits
  • Losing your enlistment bonus (or having to pay it back)

We can imagine that you are probably very worried about at least one of the above. With years of experience within the military justice system, we understand the nuances and complexities. We want current or former military members to understand their rights and be aware of the real costs that can happen.  

As a lawyer with a Camp Pendleton military defense law firm may explain during a consultation, you may not be entitled to a free attorney. In most instances, you will not get one unless you have been charged. Defense attorneys who work on government cases often will refuse to make time for those who have yet to be formally notified of a criminal charge (or being sent to separation hearing). Appointed attorneys can be so busy that they lack the time needed to be fully dedicated to every case. This means you may receive less-than-ideal legal advice, with someone who lacks a genuine effort. You can trust that will not be the case at our law firm.

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Please do not wait until you have been formally charged or interrogated before obtaining a quality defense lawyer. You should be prudent to contact a dependable law firm, such as ours, at the first sign of trouble so we can protect you from the very start. As we commonly tell clients, if investigators place you under arrest or say they want to discuss something with you, demand that you get an attorney and do not answer any questions.

If anything, do not fall for their threats or promises. If you or someone you love is in need of help regarding a military crime matter, call our Camp Pendleton military defense law firm, the Federal Practice Group, right now.

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