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Soldiers Confronted for Anti-Muslim Plots

Written by: Federal Practice Group
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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In the military, soldiers are expected to respect and honor their authorities and make plans that are approved by the Department of Defense. That is why two soldiers were severely reprimanded when it was discovered that they were plotting anti-Muslim actions in Sydney, Australia. Thirteen other soldiers have been counseled for similar actions concerning anti-Muslim attitudes and plots in the country.

The Defense Department in Australia has charged and reprimanded two soldiers on active duty in connection with racist comments that they shouted during the Islamic protests in Sydney. The Defense department is also investigating another anti-Muslim plot that was created on Facebook and caught the attention of some authority figures who noticed it. The Facebook threat contained jokes by the soldiers. Some of them suggested using their rifles on the Muslims or shooting at them with machine guns.

While this correction took place in Australia, similar measures are taken when a soldier creates anti-religion plots as a part of the United States Army. A soldier who goes against the order of an authority or scribes hate to a certain religion can be court martialed and may be relieved of duty for his or her actions. In fact, any soldier who uses social media to make racist or religious comments in a demeaning way can be sentenced for the crime.

If you are caught in a Facebook scandal like this one here in the United States, your career in the armed forces may be jeopardized. That’s why you need the help of a criminal defense attorney that works specifically with military personnel. A court martial attorney can help to defend you with knowledge of your field and make sure that you are given the representation that you need regarding military crimes. Talk to a lawyer at the Federal Practice Group today to discuss your specific case!

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