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Soldier Suspected of Murder Arrested

Written by: Monica Stoneking
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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    A Fort Hood soldier was recently taken into custody when he was connected with the murder of a 30-year-old woman in Texas. He was arrested early Thursday morning after an officer who was looking for stolen cars discovered his vehicle and realized that it was on his list of stolen cars. The car had a license plate that registered on the patrol car detector, and the police officer approached the Jeep Cherokee to talk top Daniel Vega, 28. Upon arrest for the stolen car, the police discovered that Vega is also wanted for a homicide in the state of Texas.

    He has been accused of killing Danielle Acosta-Guerrero who was stabbed inside her home multiple times. A jogger near the home heart the woman screaming and called 911. Allegedly, the jogger solicited neighbors and went into the home. When the makeshift rescue team burst through the door, the victim had stopped screaming and lay on the floor, lifeless. A white male bolted out of the house, while the victim’s son s cowered in the corner. The woman had been assaulted and then brutally murdered by the man who dashed out. Acosta-Guerrero left behind a son of six-years-old.

    Now, Vega is facing a harsh trial for his crimes. A SWAT team and a hostage negotiation team were called to the Turlock motel where police chased and eventually captured Vega. He has been held in a men’s jail and is on a no-bail warrant. The court plans to extradite him to Texas for the trial. If you are in the military and are charged with a violent crime like this one, then you will need serious defense. You shouldn’t hire any criminal defense lawyer, but hire someone that knows how to handle the delicate balance of powers and prosecution in a military court. At our court martial defense firm, we pride ourselves on success. We work hard to defend you to the best of our abilities in whatever case you are dealing with, so that you will be guaranteed a fair trial.

    News & Media

    Guest Blog

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