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Who is the Real President of the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee?

Written by: Federal Practice Group
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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After Zahir Aghbar was elected as the new president of the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee (A-NOC), Fahim Hashimy submitted an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport stating that he remains the President of the body. The claim states that Zahir Aghbar’s recent election to the position was invalid since he had not yet formally resigned. He proclaimed that the new election was not in line with A-NOC statutes since they did not wait 21 days, after his resignation, before electing the new President.

This election came as a result of Hashimy’s original resignation that left Afghan athletes in need of a president for the Rio 2016 World Olympics. Prior to Hashimy’s appeal, the elections were approved by the Olympic Council of Asia and the International Olympic Committee. Hashimy argues that his resignation was denied by A-NOC so his resignation was never formally written or submitted.

The appeal was submitted to CAS against the IOC, OCA, and A-NOC through a United States-based lawyer from The Federal Practice Group. Hashimy hopes to prove that the elections were in violation of the body’s statutes, making Aghbar’s presidency invalid.

Three arbitrators have been invited to hear the issues. United States Attorney Mark Muedeking will serve as his designated Arbitrator. Currently, there is no word as to how long this case will take since two men believe they are the rightful presidents of the body.

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