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Quickly Selecting the Right Court-Martial Defense Attorney

Written by: Federal Practice Group
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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Military Defense Lawyer Fort Hood

When you are faced with a pressing military law legal issue, whether these are pending charges, an investigation, or an adverse administrative action, selecting a military defense lawyer Fort Hood offers at Federal Practice Group who is capable of quickly resolving it will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your case. The information below is designed to assist you in quickly asking the right questions and in providing you with the answers about The Federal Practice Group attorneys.

Does your attorney have the necessary military background? Will your attorney be familiar with your branch of service, whether this is Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, or Navy? We come from Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Air National Guard, Active Duty and Reserves. We have served as trial defense counsels and prosecutors in a variety of judicial and semi-judicial tribunals. We know how the military works because they have served in the military for years.

Is your attorney familiar with the dynamics that occur in a deployed environment? Many attorneys claim military experience but they never deployed. It may be difficult for them to explain to panel members and judges how your deployment has affected you. We have deployed multiple times, for over a year and more. We have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and throughout CENTCOM. We know the pressures and stresses that Servicemembers and their families face while deployed and we know how to explain them to judges and panel members.

How much experience your attorney has investigating and trying military cases? Attorneys gain their experience trying cases. However, when a case never enters on a docket – that’s a real victory because you, the client, never had to go through the stress of being an accused in a court-martial. Early case investigations, Article 32 hearings, discovery, motion hearings, and actual trials make all the difference. We investigate cases from day one. Often new facts may show that the case is not what the prosecutor has been alleging. Properly presenting such facts and utilizing all pre-litigation techniques may lead to a case ending before it really started. We investigate each charge thoroughly, utilize all pre-trial techniques, and if necessary try each case to achieve the right results.

Does your attorney have the necessary military law training? Many attorneys advertise that they had an ‘X’ number of court-martials. But an attorney who is constantly trying cases does not have the time to update his knowledge with the latest legal weapons and learn new trial techniques, and may get ‘burned out.’ We have the experience and the training necessary to achieve right results for our clients. This includes the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School Criminal Law Advocacy Course, U. S. Marine Corps Judge Advocate Officer Candidate School Legal Training, U.S. Naval Justice Institute Criminal Law Course, National Institute of Trial Advocacy Sexual Assault Seminar, U.S. Air Force Criminal Law Course, Oxford University Law of Armed Conflict Training, and many others. We try cases and keep up with the latest legal developments to successfully and effectively represent our clients.

Does your attorney have your trust, integrity, and respect for your case? Positive professional relationship with your attorney is critical. You should be comfortable with discussing the details of your case with your attorney and trust your attorney to have the integrity to keep them confidential. Your attorney must respect you to properly advise you on your case. We are ready to develop professional relationships with our clients. We believe in client-centered representation. Teamwork, trust, integrity, and respect are integral in our representation.

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