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Protecting Intelligence Agency Whistleblowers

Written by: Federal Practice Group
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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According to the Follow the Rules Act, which passed in the House of Representatives just this month, protections against retaliation will be expanded for whistleblowers that refuse to violate rules and regulations. However, this bill is noticeably missing the expansion of these protections to employees of national security or intelligence functions, such as the FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, and more.

What most people don’t realize is national security and the welfare of the American public are on the line when whistleblowers are cast out, punished, or retaliated against. One prime example occurred in 2008. Michael F. McMahon, ex-FBI, faced severe retaliation and thus resigned after pointing out the dangerous mistakes being made on a daily basis in the FBI, regarding background checks. He made several disclosures of flawed practices, such as sacrificing national security for the sake of expediency, and prioritizing quantity or quality. Not only was national security on the line, but the safety of the public was at risk, too. The potential for espionage, counterespionage, a foreign agent, and terrorism were a possibility due to the cutting of corners McMahon witnessed.

Despite McMahon’s desire to improve the safety measures being taken for the protection of the American people, he was decidedly cast out and removed from the scene. Whistleblowers deserve the utmost protection, especially those working in national security and intelligence functions. Exposure of federal inconsistencies and oversights is the only way to truly combat these national security risks which are bound to occur. Our strong-minded and determined lawyers at Federal Practice Group strive to keep whistleblowers safe, so as to prevent future emergences of danger.


If you are a whistleblower and have experienced workplace retaliation as a result of speaking out, you may be entitled to compensation for the unfair treatment you faced. Whether you were fired, faced hostility, or were otherwise mistreated, our federal employment lawyers at Federal Practice Group are passionate about defending your rights.

To speak to a representative today about your rights, call our confidential and compassionate lawyers at Federal Practice Group today at (202) 862-4360.

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