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Officer Show Cause Boards - Experienced Attorneys Are Essential

Written by: Monica Stoneking
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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    AR 600-8-24 governs Officer Show Cause Boards in the United States Army. This regulation has been recently updated in September 2011. Air Force Instruction 36-3206 governs Officer Elimination procedures in the United States Air Force. SECNAVINST 1920.6C addresses Officer Separations in the United States Navy. For the purposes of this article, the information below focuses on AR 600-8-24. This regulation provides a mechanism for terminating the services of an officer prior to the terms of the original contract, whether this is voluntary or involuntary.

    What can you do when you are being eliminated but would like to continue service?

    Pick an attorney who knows and understands the military elimination process and who will zealously represent you.AR 600-8-24, in paragraph 4-1b states that 'Every officer deserves a fair chance to demonstrate their capabilities.' In order for you to show to the board that you warrant retention, you must have an attorney who can persuade the board members that you deserve a chance to continue to serve.The Federal Practice Group military law attorneys are ready to assist you in fighting for your military career.

    News & Media

    Guest Blog

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