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Hostile Work Environment Complaints on Capitol Hill

Written by: Federal Practice Group
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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No one said working in the White House would be easy, in fact it is likely far from that. The stress of politics and trying to make the country happy is a lot for any individual to bear, no matter what position they are in. When dealing with politics there are often times a lot of controversial issues that are brought forth, and it is the government’s responsibility to sort through these details. While there may be reasonable ways to work through disagreements, many times if there are two sides that refuse to bend, it can create for an undesirable work environment, if not hostile.

Sadly, on Capitol Hill in 2011 there have been multiple complaints about a hostile work environment These complaints vary from sexual harassment, to a variety of other complaints. According to The Washington Times the Congress’s Office of Complaints will take these concerns and offer their employees counseling as well as mediation in order to work through the issues. What is shocking however the fact that there are so many complaints at the Capitol is, totaling 196 just last years. Reports claim that these mediation processes are costing tax payers a lot of money as well.

Reports say that the Capitol tries to keep these issues within the group, and there have been many settlements made in order to keep things quiet. Unfortunately, there are still people who get away with their actions for one reason or another, and as a result victims are left without justice being served. For example, there was one case that involved a Florida. The Representatives case was dismissed because the court said the accuser lacked information and concluded that what she brought forward was not valid. When people who worked under the representative, they claimed that she was so horrible they would rather be at war in Iraq than continue to be under her.

Situations like this continue on, and despite how many complaints have been made, it is very possible that little steps have been taken to give the victims what they deserve. Choosing to stand up against sexual harassment or an otherwise hostile environment in the work place takes a lot of strength, and it takes even more courage when you are dealing with the government. If you or someone you know has been a victim of this sort of treatment, male or female, don’t hesitate to take legal action. Contact The Federal Practice Group today to talk things over with an experienced attorney’s office that specifically has experience when dealing with government issues. We want to help you receive what you deserve, call today to discuss your situation and don’t be the victim any longer!

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