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Fixing Your Smile After An Accident

Written by: Monica Stoneking
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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    If you have been in some kind of traumatic accident, you may be looking to get dental work done. It is important that you get in contact with your dentist if you:

    1. Were in a car accident and damaged your jaw
    2. Were involved in a slip-and-fall accident and knocked out any teeth
    3. You were assaulted or someone injured you in some way and damaged your teeth
    4. You are a veteran who has disability benefits and injured your teeth while at home or serving your country

    These are just a few reasons you may need cosmetic or restorative dental care following an accident. Not only can the accident itself cause serious trauma, but looking in the mirror and seeing a different smile can as well. When you don’t recognize your smile anymore, this can cause feelings of stress and anxiety. While your dentist may not be able to fix all of the underlying problems that come from a traumatic accident, they can help to restore your smile which can have a surprising effect on the rest of you. When you are ready to speak with a dentist about fixing your smile after an accident, set up an appointment now. 

    Procedures Your Dentist May Recommend 

    There are many different procedures your dentist may recommend to fix your smile. 

    • Periodontal injuries. Many people don’t realize that gums can become damaged just like teeth. Your dentist will give you a thorough exam and can treat you for gum damage. This may include re-contouring your gums or even gum grafting. 
    • Helping with an infection. It is not uncommon for dentists, to see oral infections following an accident. It is crucial that you see a dentist quickly so that they can stop the infection from spreading to other teeth. Your dentist may recommend an antibiotic and a root canal if your teeth are damaged enough. 
    • Tooth Replacement. It can be scary when you have been in some kind of accident to look down and see one of your teeth on the ground. Depending on how severe the damage is, your dentist will have different options for replacing your tooth and can make it look natural and like nothing ever happened. 
    • Tooth Repairs. If at all possible, your dentist will want to repair as much of your natural tooth as possible instead of needing to replace the whole structure. This may happen through different procedures, such as veneers or crowns. 

    Seeing your dentist following an accident can help maintain your smile but it can also save your teeth from becoming even more damaged. Getting into an accident can be scary. Going to your dentist doesn’t have to. It is crucial that you get the help you need so that you can go back to living your life. Not only will this help you physically recover, but it can also help you begin to move forward after the accident. When you are ready to see what a dentist can do for you after you were injured in some way, reach out to your local office to schedule a consultation.


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    News & Media

    Guest Blog

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