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Detained undocumented immigrants in Colorado sent to Texas

Written by: Federal Practice Group
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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The Trump Administration hasn't been able to reunify thousands of parents separated from their children at southern borders since late May or early June. The parents are expected to be reunited with their children after weeks of uncertainty.

"Every single one of them had their child taken within a day after they entered the United States. They've been separated for almost two months," said Astrid Lockwood, an immigration attorney The Federal Practice Group.

Lockwood, who's representing nearly 15 parents who were detained in Colorado, has to explain to her clients that the legal process is very complex.

"Now, we are dealing with the added difficulties of constantly changing, discretionary use of the officers' belief in how the cases should proceed, we’re dealing with new regulations," said Lockwood.

Since there's not a specific system set in place, ICE agents are left making a decision based on their own discretion.

"Essentially, they are trying to close the door to those who are fleeing domestic violence or gang violence which would be, I’d say 99 percent of the people," said Lockwood.

Immigrant advocates estimate that between 30 to 70 parents are being detained at the Aurora ICE Dentition Center.

Lockwood thinks the family separation saga is heart-wrenching since two of her clients had to pay for their child's flight to be able to reunite.

"It was an exchange of money for a child; it's not a pretty picture that it paints for our government," said Lockwood.

Undocumented immigrants released from the detention center stay at Casa de Paz. It’s a nonprofit in Denver that provides a temporary home.

Mothers currently staying there are from Guatemala, but they couldn’t speak on their cases as they’re pending.

The mothers do remain hopeful of being reunited with her daughters soon.

It's unclear exactly just how many parents have been reunited with their children so far.

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