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Debra D'Agostino Featured as Guest Speaker on Fed Access Radio Show

Written by: Federal Practice Group
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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Fed Access is a popular radio program that is all about government careers – how to get hired at government agencies, how to advance in a detail-oriented professions, etc. – and the legalities that surround these types of jobs. On a recent edition of Fed Access, federal employment law attorney and founding partner Debra D’Agostino of the Federal Practice Group was recently asked to be a guest speaker for a full segment. You can listen to the full segment here.

She and host Derrick Dortch talked about whistleblower protections and how they pertain particularly to federal workers that routinely work with sensitive government information. In recent years, concern about the safety of whistleblowing has grown due to backlash and news stories surrounding “data leak” stories. Debra made a point to fully cover the rights that federal employees gain once they become whistleblowers and how to react after undue retaliation.

Attorney D’Agostino also covered different reasons why someone might need to become a whistleblower, such as reporting negligence or wrongdoing enacted by a superior that is harming the public. Lastly, Debra went over potential legal consequences of whistleblowing, such as the revocation of your security clearance. If a whistleblower’s security clearance is removed pending the ongoing investigation, she mentioned that an appeal might be possible to reinstate the clearance.

If you would like to hear all Debra had to say about these important topics, you can check out the full episode of Fed Access by clicking here. You can also contact our firm at any time to discuss a case of your own during aninitial consultation with our federal employment law attorneys.

News & Media

Guest Blog

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