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Common Excuses for Sexual Harassment at Work: Don't Fall For It

Written by: Federal Practice Group
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the work place is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, sexual harassment can be so common that many individuals will fall prey to the excuses that are given claiming it is ok. While it is definitely more common for woman to be victims of sexual harassment, it is not unheard of for it to happen to me either. Whatever the case may be, and whichever gender the actions are coming from, sexual harassment is something that no employee should have to deal with.

Many times, co-workers or bosses will try to do whatever they can to make you feel as though their actions are appropriate, when in reality they are not. Don’t be a victim of this kid of treatment, and know that you are not alone.Business Management Daily has given a few common ways in which people will create excuses for their harassment. Preparation means everything, and now you know that you don’t have to let it keep occurring. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, contact a trusted attorney at Federal Practice group to fight for your rights.

When dealing with sexual harassment at work, people may try to pretend, as they were unintentional, and just trying to be funny. However, their humor may be extremely offensive to you, or out of line. If this is the case, consider bringing it up to them. For some offenders, it may be an honest mistake, and no one mentioned it to them previously. For others, they may continue their actions despite your requests, and in that case it may be time to take legal action.

Another common excuse is that they treat everyone how they treat you. For example, if you are a woman and notice that this male co-worker is inappropriately talking to you along with other woman, whether they like it or not, it is inappropriate for the work place. Once you have shared your concern, and they choose to continue their treatment, they are technically harassing you.

It is also likely that when you address a person for sexual harassment, they will return with a claim that they never said anything sexual. If you are concerned, contact an employment attorney to discuss you situation. Even under the event that the harassment was not sexual after all, there are still lines that can’t be crossed, so you may still have the opportunity to pursue a general work harassment lawsuit.

Yes, woman can be more sensitive to different aspects of life, remember though, that “sensitivity” should never be an excuse for sexual harassment. It is not unheard of that when an employee is confronted for sexually harassing a female, that they will respond claiming that woman are too sensitive. This may be true in some cases, but overall if the harasser is doing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be time to take legal action.

Sexual harassment is a very serious issue in the work place, and has been for centuries. Whether it is males or females acting or being treated inappropriately, it is never ok. If you have fallen victim to this sort of treatment, it is first important to bring up the concern with the individual committing the actions. Perhaps you may feel as though it is unsafe to discuss the matter with them personal, and then consider speaking with your boss. It is their responsibility to care for the people in their workplace, and if they fail to do so you have the right to pursue legal actions. If you have any concerns at all, or would like to discuss your case, contact Federal Practice Group. We have years of experience and want to help you fight for your rights as an employee in this country.

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