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Attorney Joanna Friedman Discusses Secretary Clinton's Hiring of Special Government Employees

Written by: Federal Practice Group
Written by: Federal Practice Group

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Many people have heard of the email scandal involving Hillary Clinton, a woman running in the 2016 presidential election. Due to her improper actions, many other controversies have come to light. In fact, for over two years, a Republican Senator in Iowa has continued to send letters to the Secretary of State demanding information be disclosed about a special government employee who was granted a position for unknown reasons. Many suspect that Clinton was behind this process and using her hidden email addresses as a way of making this transpire.

In an article published by the Government Executive, Attorney Joanna Friedman, Partner at The Federal Practice Group, sheds light on the topic. She states that while no credible source has solidified or disclosed any facts about the case, it is rational for individuals to wonder about potential legal complications. She goes on to describe the role of a special government employee, explaining that people in these positions are brought on to fill unsatisfied government needs that must be addressed with a specific expertise. As a result, the government runs the risk of these types of employees participating in activities that conflict with government motives.

Additionally, Attorney Friedman exposes a possible way this employee was granted SGE status, stating federal managers can often discover ambiguities to keep a valued employee. She adds it is strange this employee moved from a full-time status to a SGE status and explains that the employee may have requested to move to a part-time position, and if there were none available, obtaining a SGE status may have been the only way to continue employment.

Furthermore, the employee’s duties, while practicing under a SGE status, have been to schedule and arrange travels for Clinton. Friedman questions what special skillset is necessary to fulfil such duties and states the possibility of Clinton utilizing her role as a Secretary to help others receive government jobs or as a source of developing a relationship with certain people, a move that would make Clinton guilty of abusing the privileges of her status.

News & Media

Guest Blog

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