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Bid Protest Lawyer | Virginia

The Federal Practice Group offers help to government contractors who are in need of a skilled bid protest lawyer in Virginia. If you were awarded a federal contract but a competitor filed a bid protest against the agency’s decision, we can help protect your company’s rights. If you were unfairly ruled out of a bid and wish to fight the decision, our bid protest lawyer in Virginia can help you make a case for why that decision should be changed.

We intervene on behalf of small to large government contractors who are forced to enter protest litigation proceedings. Under most circumstances, companies that engage in such legal processes without the aid of a bid protest lawyer in Virginia may not be taken seriously by those who make the final decisions.

Our Bid Protest Lawyer Represents Virginia Contractors

The Federal Practice Group’s bid protest lawyer in Virginia files the necessary documentation to defend against protest litigation. In the process of protecting your company’s rights, we will aggressively fight against baseless allegations and other legal issues. When the award of a significant contract is in jeopardy, it’s critical that your company hire an experienced bid protest lawyer in order to provide the best chance for a positive outcome. Our bid protest lawyer in Virginia offers our clients the following legal services:

  •         A thorough and detailed analysis of the bid protest filed in the wake of your contract award.
  •         Drafting and filing of all required letters, briefs, and other legal documentation.
  •         Representation throughout the bid protest process including hearings, depositions, etc.

The Federal Practice Group Can Help You Win a Bid Protest Entitlement

With the help of our bid protest lawyer in Virginia, we can help your company retain the contract it was fairly awarded. We will present the relevant facts, cite case law and legal precedents, and use persuasive arguments to protect your company’s rights.

Government Contract and Government Accountability Office (GAO) Protest Experience

Our bid protest lawyer in Virginia has many years of experience representing companies against whom their bid competitor filed a protest. If your company was awarded a GAO or government contract and have been thwarted by a competitor’s protest, contact us at The Federal Practice Group immediately. We offer companies a free consultation to review the facts of their case with our skilled bid protest lawyer. At the conclusion of that consultation, you will have a clear picture of how we may be able to help your company.

Typical Bid Protest Disputes

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a bid protest to erupt though the company that won did so for all of the right reasons. It can occur under any number of circumstances, and if any of the below describes your circumstances, contact our bid protest lawyer.

  •         Solicitation defects
  •         Disputes involving the Buy American Act
  •         Sole justification contracts
  •         Late bids
  •         Decisions involving Certificate of Competency
  •         Task and delivery order contracts
  •         Freedom of Information Act requests
  •         Source selection
  •         Undisclosed estimates of the government agency

Contact The Federal Practice Group If Your Bid Award is in Jeopardy

If your company was awarded a government contract but a bid protest has been filed, contact our office today. Our bid protest lawyer in Virginia can protect your rights—call us to request a free consultation.

Fighting for Justice

The Federal Practice Group provides skilled, results-driven representation. Through their thorough and aggressive representation of clients, our attorneys have earned a reputation throughout the legal community as relentless advocates who leave no stone unturned. This passionate, exacting approach yields results for our clients.

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