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Military Officer Misconduct Attorneys


Officer misconduct occurs when an Officer in the United States military commits an act that has been deemed inappropriate upon conclusion of boards of inquiry hearing, or a command investigation which seeks to identify an act of misconduct in a specific incident or trend of incidents committed by the officer. One can be accused of misconduct for something as simple as being intoxicated, or something as devastating as murder. Anyone who has been accused of officer misconduct should speak with an experienced attorney as quickly as possible to begin building your case.

There are a variety of consequences that the subject of an administrative hearing may suffer. In some cases, the subject of investigation is found not to have committed an act of misconduct, and is thus relieved of charges and allowed to return to his or her duties. In other cases, however, the offender is found to be guilty, and must then suffer the penalty. If the misconduct is believed to be criminal, then criminal proceedings may take place, and combat environment representation may be required. In other cases in addition to criminal cases, the military may dishonorably discharge the accused which can make it difficult to find work or make a proper living outside of the military.


The Federal Practice Group is a team of hard-working, reliable court-martial lawyers with vast experience defending clients in the realm of military matters, including military law. Our firm will build a detailed account of the incident, and may prove your innocence as a result of thorough research. They understand what is at stake in a military investigation or possible discharge, and it is important that you receive the best possible chance at avoiding those negative consequences if at all possible. Contact a military criminal lawyer from our team to learn more!


The proven attorneys at The Federal Practice Group have over a century of combined experience successfully assisting federal employees through the most difficult periods of their lives and careers.



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