Military Money Laundering Defense Attorneys


If you or a loved one was accused of a white collar crime, you could be facing very serious consequences. If you were a member of the military at the time of the arrest, you could be dealing with even farther-reaching ramifications. A conviction could not only affect your freedom, but your career and future as well. Military criminal law differs in several aspects than civilian law, so it is important that you retain the services of a defense attorney from the Federal Practice Group to learn how we can help you. We understand the nuances of these laws as well as how best to defend those who were accused of violating it.

Money laundering is an offense that often goes along with other white collar offenses. The reason for this is that when money is illegally gained through fraud or embezzlement, the offender cannot use it without raising questions. The source of the money will be able to be traced and the crime will be discovered. In order to avoid this from happening, the individual may attempt to launder the money. The goal of money laundering is to hide the true source of the funds and it works through layering.


Money laundering is not just used in relation to white collar offenses, but other crimes as well. Drug trafficking, prostitution, and more can lead to large amounts of money that would pose a problem if it was traced. The dirty money can be placed in various offshore accounts, invested, placed in other accounts, used to purchase assets, and finally put in a U.S. bank account. Even if the money is traced back several steps by the authorities, it still appears to be clean money coming from legitimate sources.

Money laundering can be categorized into three steps: placement, layering, and integration. Placement refers to depositing it into a bank account. This can prove to be the most dangerous step as large amounts of cash are supposed to be reported to the authorities. The second step is layering. This includes the steps of transferring the funds into different offshore bank accounts, making purchases, and investing the money. Lastly is integration. This means that the money re-enters a U.S. bank looking completely legitimate.


If you were accused of this offense or a crime relating to money laundering, you should contact a court martial attorney from the team at the Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service. They have years of experience in this area of law and understand exactly how to help you. For more information, contact a white collar lawyer from the team today!


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