Military Embezzlement Defense Attorneys


White collar crimes are financially-motivated crimes that generally occur in a business environment. However, members of the military are not exempt from committing this crime. It can be committed by any person that was in a place of trust and had access to confidential information or monetary funds. There are several different types of white collar crimes that can be committed by those in the military, but one common offense is embezzlement. If you or a loved one was accused of a white collar offense, the first step you should take is to contact a court martial attorney from the team at the Federal Practice Group.

Embezzlement can be defined as dishonestly taking assets that had been entrusted to you. This type of financial fraud can occur anywhere, not only in the military. A trustee could skim their client’s account and use the money for their own purposes. An employee could change bills and receipts and keep the extra money. If it is done little by little over a period of time, it can go unnoticed for years. However, if a massive amount of money was embezzled, it is not uncommon for the offender to disappear or flee the country. It is important that you meet with a legal representative in order to discuss your case in full.

In order for it to be proven that someone is guilty of embezzlement, there are certain aspects of the case that need to be determined. First is that the individual took the funds purposefully and without any intention of giving it back. Second is that the individual must have violated another’s ownership rights; you cannot embezzle from yourself. Another aspect is that it does not have to be real property; it could be intangible personal property or tangible. Lastly, the victim must have had lawful possession of the property or mere custody of the property.


If you were accused of committing embezzlement or any other criminal offense, your first step should be to talk to a military criminal defense lawyer from the Federal Practice Group. With years of experience in this area of law, they understand exactly how to best defend you. The firm has been featured on BBC, Fox, in the New York Times, and in the Washington Post. We are able to serve those who are in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, and more. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact a white collar crime lawyer from the firm.


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