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Special Court Martial (SPCM) Defense Attorneys

A Special Court-Martial, also referred to as a SPCM, is the most common proceeding employed by the military under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. A Special Court-Martial encompasses charges that are usually not severe enough to warrant a General Court-Martial, however, you may still be facing harsh punishment. Some of the possible penalties include a pay reduction, a bad conduct discharge or up to one year of imprisonment. It is very important that you immediately take steps to ensure that your rights are protected by contacting a trusted military criminal defense attorney. Military proceedings are complex matters and a skilled attorney from the Federal Practice Group will methodically evaluate your case to help you determine your legal options.

When you are facing a Special Court-Martial, you will have the option of either a jury trial or judge only proceeding. If you make a request, one of the jury members must be an enlisted serviceman or woman. In any event, a Special Court-Martial can be an intimidating ordeal as you face an aggressive prosecution. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney from the firm to zealously defend your rights and your future may be the most important step you will take. One of our seasoned lawyers will not be intimidated and will resolutely stand by your side throughout the process seeking the best possible outcome.

How a Court Martial Attorney can Make a Difference

No matter where you are stationed, even in a combat environment, an attorney from the firm is ready to assist you in getting through the stress and anxiety of facing a special court martial. The firm cares deeply about their clients. The skilled and energetic lawyers at the firm are dedicated to not only defending your rights and protecting your career, but also caring for your well-being. We understand that a Special Court-Martial can affect the rest of your life including your educational and employment opportunities. We may be able to assist in pursuing the best available outcome so you can continue toward a bright future.


The proven attorneys at the Federal Practice Group have over a century of combined experience successfully assisting federal employees through the most difficult periods of their lives and careers.




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