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Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort (MCAS Beaufort) is a military air base operated by the U.S. Marine Corps. This installation is located approximately three miles from Beaufort, South Carolina. The official date MCAS Beaufort was established was June 15th, 1943. The goal for this base was to provide advanced training during World War II for anti-submarine patrols. After the war was over, in 1946, the base was temporality placed out of commission. Ten years later, it was re-opened. In 1975, the airfield at the base was named Merritt Field after Major General Lewie G. Merritt. MCAS Beaufort now covers an area of 6,900 acres. The base works together with an air-to-air combat training zone which lies off the coast as well as another training zone for air-to-ground combat.

MCAS Beaufort has received the nickname, "Fightertown East," with the original "Fightertown" located in San Deigo. The base has a population of about 4,200 and is home to several different units. The base used to be the headquarters for the USMC F-8 Crusader and F-4 Phantom II operations. Today, it is the base for all USMC F/A-18 air operations that are on active duty. This air base, as well as many others, hosts an air show which is open to the public. In 2007, there was an accident during a demonstration by the Blue Angels, leaving one pilot dead.


Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island (MCRD Parris Island) is another military installation located near the town of Beaufort. It is only fourteen miles from MCAS Beaufort and five miles from the town of Beaufort. The purpose of this base is to train enlisted Marines, both male and female. Every recruit from east of the Mississippi River has to report here to be trained. Even those who live west of the Mississippi may ask to be trained there.

There has been a military presence in Parris Island since 1562, when a French Huguenot expedition tried to colonize the area. They built a post called Charlesfort and left a garrison there. The garrison, however, revolted and sailed back to France after being left alone there for too long. In the 17th century, Britain took control of the area and plantations were purchased by Colonel Alexander Parris, after whom the area was named. In 1861, Parris Island was used by the Navy as a coaling station. In 1891, Parris Island saw its first Marines stationed there. As a result, military construction in this area continued until World War I. It was not until 1916 that Parris Island officially became the Marine Corps Recruit Depot and it has been an important training installation ever since.

Today, the base at Parris Island trains over 17,000 Marine recruits every year. Training for new recruits includes 13 weeks where they are cut off from normal day-to-day life and trained in the Marine lifestyle. Although the area only covers two acres of land, they are able to train in weapons, martial arts, hygiene, cleanliness, drills, fitness, and combat. In order to graduate from training, there are certain tests that must be successfully completed.

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