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Members of the military can face a variety of legal situations that are extremely dangerous, both to their freedom and to the advancement of their careers. Any person who has served in the military and has run into legal trouble knows that this court system is extremely harsh. Members of the Armed Forces are held to a higher standard than the civilian public. Any violation of the military justice code could lead to extreme personal repercussions, including the destruction of a lifetime career.

High crimes and misdemeanors that have violated the UMCJ should be addressed with the help of a highly qualified lawyer with a full understanding of the military justice system. Some of the offenses that could heavily impact your career and freedom include conspiracy, solicitation, fraudulent enlistment, desertion, absence without leave, contempt towards officials, disrespect towards a superior commissioned officer, failure to obey an order, cruelty and maltreatment, mutiny, escape, rape, murder, manslaughter, and many more. The penalties imposed in military court for these offenses far outstrip what could be expected as a penalty in any other court system.


You, as a member of the military, are subject to harsh punishment for minor breaches of discipline. These disciplinary hearings are adjudicated by your commander. You will not have the right to a judge and jury. The punishments can be extensive, including a reduced rank, loss of your pay, restrictions regarding your usual privileges, and if you are serving on a ship, you can be confined to quarters. These are the repercussions that could be expected for the least serious offenses. In cases of more serious accusations, such as criminal charges, the damage to your future opportunities and freedom can be extensive. At the Federal Practice Group, the legal team is made up of leading internationally recognized attorneys that are there to defend justice, maintain fair treatment, and protect the rights of those that serve the country in any arm of the military, and at any rank. The firm provides counsel and advocacy to members of the Armed Forces stationed throughout the U.S. Contact a military criminal defense attorney to learn more!


The proven attorneys at The Federal Practice Group have over a century of combined experience successfully assisting federal employees through the most difficult periods of their lives and careers.



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