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Military Medical Malpractice Attorneys


When someone is wounded, injured or suffering from illness, they are in an especially vulnerable position. When we are at our most vulnerable, we put our trust in the doctors and nurses who are supposed to help us get better. If you or someone you love has been impacted by the negligence of military medical personnel it is critical that you contact a lawyer immediately. Medical malpractice claims against the federal government are very complex and demand the attention of an experienced advocate that understands military regulations and protocols. A lawyer will methodically investigate your case to determine what happened and what your legal options are. The military attorneys at the Federal Practice Group have over a century of combined experience protecting the rights and futures of servicemen and women as well as their families.

Suffering from wounds, injuries or illness is a stressful ordeal for anyone. When a doctor or nurse makes your condition even worse, the stress is compounded. A doctor's mistake can threaten your career goals and change the rest of your life. The firm will aggressively fight for the compensation you need to make up for lost income and increased expenses along with pain and suffering. Let one of our compassionate and confident lawyers worry about your legal needs so that you can focus on your recovery and your future.


The lawyers at the firm are passionate about protecting the rights of the men and women who protect all of us. The firm believes that our nation's men and women in uniform along with their families deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and grateful support for their remarkable contributions. The lawyers at the firm are proud to serve those who have served us at home and abroad. They will be by your side every step of the way vigorously pursuing desirable results for their clients and their clients' families. Contact a medical malpractice lawyer to learn more!


The proven attorneys at The Federal Practice Group have over a century of combined experience successfully assisting federal employees through the most difficult periods of their lives and careers.



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The Federal Practice Group provides skilled, results-driven representation. Through their thorough and aggressive representation of clients, our attorneys have earned a reputation throughout the legal community as relentless advocates who leave no stone unturned. This passionate, exacting approach yields results for our clients.

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