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General Court Martial (GCM) Defense Attorneys

A General Court-Martial, also known as a GCM, is a very serious matter that threatens your freedom and your future. Prior to a General-Court Martial, an investigation and an Article 32 pretrial hearing must be completed. If it is determined that a general court-martial is justified, the consequences can be extremely severe. If you are the subject of an investigation or if an Article 32 hearing is scheduled, you need to immediately contact an experienced court martial lawyer to protect your rights under the UCMJ. With the recent changes made by Congress to Article 32, many military defense counsel are encouraging their clients to waive the hearing. the Federal Practice Group believes such practice is not in the best interest of the client, as the Article 32 is still very much a critical phase of the court-martial process. It is important to have a military criminal defense counsel, such as those at the Federal practice Group, who understands the ramifications of waiving a hearing If an Article 32 hearing has already been held and your case is proceeding to a general court-martial, it is absolutely critical that you contact a skilled attorney from the Federal Practice Group as soon as you possibly can. They understand what you are facing and will energetically pursue the best possible result on your behalf.

If you are convicted at a General Court-Martial you will be left with a permanent criminal record along with the more immediate penalties which can include a dishonorable discharge, imprisonment, or the death penalty depending on the nature of the offense. Even more discouraging, unlike a civilian trial, a General Court-Martial will convict you if two-thirds of the jury vote guilty. The confident and resourceful lawyers at the firm appreciate the stress you are experiencing and want you to remember that no matter the circumstances you do have rights. For example, you have the option of being tried by a judge only rather than a jury.

With one of the firm’s hard-hitting court-martial defense lawyers by your side, it may be possible to negotiate a reduced charge or, in some cases, even a dismissal. The Military Rules of Evidence must be strictly followed and an attorney from the firm will methodically evaluate your case to ensure that your rights were not violated. They will tenaciously defend you throughout the entire process. You fight for us, let us fight for you.

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When you contact the firm, they will come to you no matter where you are in the world including combat environments. Our attorneys have successfully defended clients in all environments against ranging from the mundane to the highly visible. We will devote the personal attention that you deserve and work closely with you making sure that you understand all of your legal choices. When you hire a trusted and accomplished attorney from the firm, you can feel confident that you are being fully represented by a compassionate advocate who is dedicated to achieving results. Contact a military criminal defense attorney from our team to learn more!


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