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A joint venture can be a very successful way of pursuing a lucrative project. When you are in such close coordination with another business entity, however, a myriad of complexities and conflicts can occur. Having a skillfully crafted joint venture agreement can help you avoid these complications so that you are free to execute the project as planned and enjoy the results of your investment. An international attorney with experience in such matters can help to draft or review and finalize an agreement which is both comprehensive and precise, yet flexible where needed. The focus will be on crafting an agreement that allows for the greatest advantage of each party while also protecting the equity. Points that should be taken into account include:

  • The scope of the venture and the duration for which it will exist
  • Application of the relevant foreign laws
  • The terms of management agreements
  • The contributions, involvement and obligations of each party
  • Restrictive covenants by which either or both parties will be bound
  • Warranties and representation from each partner
  • Indemnification of both parties
  • Appropriate insurance coverage
  • Labor and employment benefit requirements
  • All applicable tax implications and responsibilities
  • Financial reporting and record keeping responsibilities
  • Intellectual property matters, such as copyright issues, trademarks and patents
  • Allocation of expenses and revenues from the project


At The Federal Practice Group, we are meticulous in helping you to establish your business venture agreements. Our ability to work with a broad scope of concerns and predict what issues may arise is matched by our ability to find creative solutions to prevent such from occurring. We can also represent you in cases where disputes have arisen regarding joint venture agreements. Our firm works with clients nationwide as well as worldwide.

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