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Can my General Counsel handle this for me?

No, International Trade Law is a specialized area of practice.

Will my General Counsel need to be involved?

Yes. Your Legal Department is expected to work hand in hand with us to ensure transparency and avoid gaps in information exchange that may prove critical to the process.

Do I need to have The Federal Practice Group on retainer?

It depends. If you have ongoing concerns or issues this may prove to be the most economical and efficient employment of our services.


Is this something I can do myself?

Not really. The Federal Practice Group recommends that you seek out the specialized assistance available given the potential pitfalls and the catastrophic costs of what may be perceived to be minor errors to the untrained eye. The Federal Practice Group will work with you to stand up a comprehensive program that you can eventually maintain and avoid exposure. The State Department, Commerce Department, and Treasury Department view non-compliance with export regulations very seriously and have mandated monetary penalties for violations into the millions of dollars in addition to possible jail time.

Will my infrastructure support this?

It depends. The Federal Practice Group can provide you an assessment of your program and propose solutions either to establish a new program or improve the one you have.

What if my infrastructure will not support this?

If your infrastructure will not support this program, you can use The Federal Practice Group as your acting Export Compliance Department until you can hire the required personnel.

What departments will be affected by this?

Typically, the departments most affected by export compliance are Sales, Engineering, Operations, Shipping, Quality, and Legal.

It is important to understand that export compliance can impact all operational facets of your company in one way or another. This is by no means something you can compartmentalize.

Can I just outsource this to The Federal Practice Group?

Yes. The Federal Practice Group can act on an as needed basis (retainer required), or provide guidance based on industry best practices.

What if I have a subsidiary in another country?

A subsidiary in another country is not an issue. There are, however, certain parameters in which you will have to abide by in transferring controlled articles and technologies to this subsidiary. Give us a call to learn more.

Will this process be easier if I currently export?

Maybe. If you are currently exporting commercial products, the training will likely be less intensive because your employees will already have some knowledge of international transactions. There will still be training in the areas of controlled products and technologies and the U.S. Government agencies that govern them.

Do I need an Export Compliance Department?

Not really. The primary requirement is that your company needs to have a single source of knowledge regarding export compliance. This source needs to be available to the entire organization, and oversee the company's export compliance program.

Different companies have different needs. The size of your company and the amount of exports you do now and in the future will be driving factors in determining the size of your Export Compliance Program.


How much of my time will this require?

It depends. Each company and product offering drives the time commitment required. If you would like to stay involved, we would be happy to schedule weekly or bi-weekly update briefs to keep you informed of progress and objectives.

Is this program something I have to maintain?

Yes. It is necessary to make sure your company stays current with the ever changing regulations and laws.

Your company will have to maintain this program as an ongoing effort for as long as you manufacture or export controlled products and technologies. Maintaining the program requires far less effort than implementing it.

How long will the program implementation and training take?

Several factors will drive the time line such as; the type of program you need, the size of your company, and the amount of international business you are currently involved in. Give us a call so we can address your specific needs.

How much time and resources will I have to dedicate to this?

The size of your company, current infrastructure, and the amount of current export business are all factors that will drive the amount of time and resources required. At a minimum, you will need to dedicate at least one person as the point of contact who will attend all of the training sessions. This person will act as the Export Compliance manager for the company.

When will I see the benefits of this program?

You will see the benefits of this program just as soon as you have a customer to export to. The Federal Practice Group will stand in as your Export Compliance Department so you can export right away. This program is designed to grow your business, not slow it down.


How will the training be conducted?

Training can be offered in two different ways.

  1. We can perform training seminars face to face.
  2. We can present the material over the internet via web meetings. This is the most popular and convenient means today.This provides your Managers with the flexibility to schedule the training around their schedules.

Can The Federal Practice Group provide training and the compliance manual only?

Yes. The Federal Practice Group can provide training in any area upon request, as well as provide an export compliance policy manual customized for your company.


What if my company has a violation now?

If you have committed a violation, or if you think you are in violation of U.S. export law, give us a call so we can guide you through the process. We will construct a cost-effective solution to get you back on track and let you know what options you have.

Timing is critical when dealing with possible violations. It is strongly recommended that you do not wait to deal with these types of issues.


How are your services billed?

Give us a call to discuss your options.

Can The Federal Practice Group help me with the essentials only?

Yes. Whether you want the essentials only, or if you already have a program in place, The Federal Practice Group can help at any point in the process. The 'essentials' may differ widely from company to company. Give us a call to discuss what it is you need and we will lay out a plan to make it happen.


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