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Corporate Foreign Legal Representation in the US

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Foreign Corporation Representation in the U.S. and Abroad

If you are incorporated outside of the United States yet doing business with U.S. companies or the U.S. government, you immediately encounter a unique legal situation. There are many regulations within the U.S. which can cause you untold losses and trouble if they are violated, even unknowingly. An international lawyer is thus vital if you wish to smoothly expand and continue your operations. Aside from protecting you from potential problems, an attorney can also guide you in making strategic choices which allow you greater opportunity to grow and increase your profits.

With over 100 years of combined experience, The Federal Practice Group represents companies small or large worldwide. We are able to represent you within the United States and abroad and can thus take a comprehensive approach to all aspects of your business, its issues and goals. No matter what stage your business or project is in, our skill with business and corporate law allows us to confidently assist you. Whether you need help with business development,contractsU.S. federal government contracts, or joint venture agreements, we can guide you through the entire process.

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When you are operating throughout more than one country, you are automatically involved with international law. Our firm's broad understanding of this area can help guide you through the situations you encounter, taking into account your goals, profits and the tax implications of certain courses of action. We can also assist you with an immigration/naturalizationpetition, which can remove a lot of restrictions and bureaucracy which may otherwise affect your business. Even foreign investment in the U.S. may be a basis on which you could ultimately qualify.

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