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Immigration Writs of Mandamus

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The United States immigration system is unfortunately very complex and congested. People from all around the world enter our borders every day hoping to make a new life for themselves and their families.  Due to the large volume of cases, the various agencies charged with handling residence applications are often overloaded.

In some situations, it can take a few years for an agency to respond to a request of application. It can be extremely stressful to adjust to life in America while your future remains unclear. Fortunately, the experienced attorneys at Federal Practice Group may be able to help. 

About the Writ of Mandamus

In some cases, it is possible to cut through the bureaucratic red tape and shorten the waiting time in an immigration case by filing a writ of mandamus. Mandamus is the Latin word for "we demand," and it is a legal tool that is used by a higher court to order action from a lower court. The writ of mandamus does not advocate to USCIS for or against your case. It simply encourages decisions to be made in a more timely manner.

Essentially, the writ of mandamus is an order from the higher court to expedite your case and alleviate the pressure that comes from an unknown outcome. A writ of mandamus works like a lawsuit against the agency involved in your petition. Often times the agency will respond to the writ by moving forward without ever going to court.

To learn whether a writ of mandamus may be appropriate in your case, contact us now to schedule your initial case evaluation.


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