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H Visa

The Federal Practice Group represents those applying for H visas.  An H visa is a category of temporary residency that is awarded to individuals who contribute to the economy.  

Temporary Employment H Visas                                

An H-1B visa allows non-immigrant professionals to work in the United States for a maximum of six years. Our firm is willing to work alongside you during this process to help make the transition smooth. 

Other Categories of H Visas

All other types of H visas differ from the H-1B in that they require evidence of a residence abroad. The H visa holder must provide evidence to show that he or she is no longer in the United States when the visa expires. Please contact our legal team for more information about this type of employment visa.

H-2 Temporary Workers

An H-2 visa allows non-citizens to work in the United States as temporary or seasonal workers. H-2A visas are for agricultural work, while H-2B visas are for non-agricultural work. Labor Certifications are required for H-2B visas.

H-3 Temporary Trainees

An H-3 visa accommodates for non-immigrants who are in the United States for training purposes related to their job. The applicant must provide evidence that the training he or she receives in the United States is not available in his or her country. The H-3 visa may be valid for a maximum of two years.

If you feel that you meet the requirements for one of the H visas listed above or have any questions regarding which H visa is right for you, our legal team is happy to speak with you. Please schedule a consultation with the Federal Practice Group to discuss your next step.




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