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EB-1(2) Outstanding Professors and Researchers

The Federal Practice Group proudly represents those who are applying for an EB-1(2) visa.

You may qualify as an applicant for this category if you have been recognized as an outstanding professor or researcher.

Individuals must be recognized internationally in a specific field of academia and have experience teaching or conducting research in that field for at least three years in order to qualify for an EB-1(2) visa. Professors who apply must be tenured or on tenure-track, while researchers must be in a permanent research position at a university or institution of higher education.

Below is a list of documentation that may serve as evidence for international or outstanding recognition. A minimum of two is required:

  1. Receipt of major prizes and/or awards for outstanding achievement.
  2. Membership in an association which requires outstanding achievement.
  3. Published material in professional publications in which others have written about the applicant’s work.
  4. Evidence of the applicant’s participation as a judge of the work of others.
  5. Evidence of original scientific research.
  6. Authorship of scholarly books and/or articles in the field.

It is not necessary to provide labor certification to qualify, however a written offer of employment in the form of a letter is required.

If you feel that you meet the requirements listed above or have any questions regarding your qualifications, our legal team is ready to speak with you. Please reach out to the Federal Practice Firm to schedule a consultation to discuss your next step.





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