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Government Contract Compliance Attorneys

What is Contract Compliance?

Government contractors are subject to a wide array of contract requirements, statutes, and regulations. Given the complicated rules that apply to federal contractors and the severe penalties for non-compliance, it is essential that companies retain skilled counsel in order to succeed in this industry.

Our government contract attorneys work one-on-one with clients of all sizes to determine what actions must be taken to comply with an awarded contract, change order or modification, and advise clients regarding procurement laws, ethical obligations and legislative and regulatory changes. If an area of non-compliance is identified, our government contract attorneys are skilled fact-finders who can determine what caused the issue, provide options on how to correct it and implement internal controls to ensure it does not happen again.

Our number one goal is to preserve our clients’ federal contracts and business reputations. No matter how big or small an issue, our government contracts attorneys deliver the sound legal advice our government contracts clients need to stay competitive and in business in this heavily regulated industry.


The proven attorneys at the Federal Practice Group have over a century of combined experience successfully assisting federal employees, government contracts, and military personnel through the most difficult periods of their lives and careers.



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