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White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorneys Experienced in Federal Criminal Law

Our firm’s team of white-collar criminal defense attorneys is frequently called upon to represent companies, business executives, public officials, and individuals when they are confronted with criminal and civil actions and investigations. Our attorneys are trained in all aspects of criminal and civil enforcement actions, with specialization in the areas of:

Our attorneys pride themselves on providing comprehensive, timely legal counsel in even the most high-stakes cases.

An Elite Team of Defense Attorneys 

The Federal Practice Group has assembled a team of internationally recognized trial attorneys who bring to the table a broad range of litigation experience from their prior roles as Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA), Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys, and government prosecutors. Our attorneys know the courts and understand how prosecutors and investigators think. This inside knowledge allows our white-collar criminal defense attorneys to develop a tailor-made strategy based on the anticipated tactics and theories of opposing counsel. The result is a proactive, thorough and analytical approach to defense.

Industry Leading Value

Our number one priority is creating relationships that will endure. One of the many ways we create lasting relationships is by offering our clients valuable legal services. Our firm is proud to offer competitive rates and a wide variety of alternative fee arrangements to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual client. Whether faced with a federal investigation or criminal charges, our attorneys provide each client with a cost-benefit based solution that fits both their expectations and budget.


Fighting for Justice

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