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Employment Attorneys Case Outcomes

Our employment attorneys are consistently fighting for our clients. Here are some of our most recent cases:


  • Complainant v. U.S. Health and Human Services (2018)- Negotiated a settlement of 5-months back pay, six figures in damages, and clean-record retirement for an officer who had been removed from service on allegations of misrepresentation and conduct unbecoming a law enforcement officer. 
  • Appellant v. Social Security Administration (2017)- Argued for an employee of the Social Security Administration in front of a Federal Circuit Court.  The Court vacated and remanded the matter in a precedential decision clarifying the use of comparator information in a federal agency penalty case.
  • Appellant v. Transportation Security Administration (2016)- A successful Independent Right of Action (IRA) case in which an MSPB Administrative Judge overruled the Office of Special Counsel and ordered corrective action and other relief for a federal whistleblower.
  • Appellant v. U.S. Central Command (2016)- Successful representation of a USCENTCOM Senior Intelligence Officer who appealed her discipline for alleged misconduct.  The Administrative Judge ordered corrective action and other relief as appropriate, including the cancellation of a related reassignment.
  • Appellant v. Executive Office of the President (2016)- An MSPB Administrative Judge ruled in favor of the appellant, who was represented at the Board by Debra D’Agostino, in an appeal of the employee’s removal for alleged misconduct. The appellant was awarded reinstatement and other appropriate relief.
  • Complainant v. Government Publishing Office (2018)- A five-figure payment in settlement which included the removal of an employee’s letter of warning.
  • Complainant v. U.S. Department of Agriculture (2018)- Negotiation that resulted in retroactive reinstatement, increased performance rating, and a five-figure lump sum payment for an employee who was removed for unacceptable performance. 


  • Complainant v. FERC (2018)- Negotiated a six-figure settlement on behalf of a client alleging a hostile work environment and reprisal.
  • Complainant v. Federal Fire Department (2018)- A five-figure settlement against the Department of the Navy’s Federal Fire Department where we represented a female employee who faced sexual harassment and retaliation after she reported the harassment.
  • Complainant v. Department of the Army (2016)- Settlement in a non-promotion complaint brought by an employee alleging gender and age discrimination, including the promotion and payments into the retirement system so the client received credit for the years she was denied the promotion due to discrimination.
  • Complainant v. Dep’t of the Air Force (2018)- A favorable outcome in a complicated settlement against the Department of the Air Force where a female employee faced sex discrimination and retaliation.
  • Complainant v. AAFES (2018)- Demonstrated to the Court that race discrimination and reprisal in an EEO complaint resulted in unfairly low ratings he received two years in a row. 
  • Complainant v. Defense Media Activity (2017)- Obtained a liability finding after a default judgment for retaliation, age, gender, and disability discrimination on behalf of a client who was denied an accommodation. A sizable settlement that included relief beyond that awarded in the liability finding was granted.
  • Complainant v. Dep’t of Homeland Security (2017)- Represented an employee who alleged sex and retaliation discrimination against her agency and recieved one of the biggest awards ever given by an EEOC Administrative Judge, which included six-figures in non-pecuniary compensatory damages, six-figures in pecuniary compensatory damages and six-figures in attorney fees.
  • Appellant v. Central Intelligence Agency (2017)Successfully appealed to the EEOC in a previously dismissed sexual harassment case.  The Administrative Judge ordered that the CIA investigate the claims internally. 
  • Plaintiffs v. Department of Education (2017)- A seven-figure settlement was rewarded to a group of former employees of the Department of Education who alleged disability and age discrimination, stemming from a 2005 Reduction in Force (“RIF”).
  • Complainant v. Smithsonian (2019)- A five-figure settlement in a discrimination suit which included all attorneys fees, out of pocket medical expenses, and a five-figure sum for emotional distress. Additionally, the complainant’s performance appraisal rating was changed to the highest rating, and all adverse language was removed.
  • Complainant v. USDA (2019)- Settled a retaliation and disability discrimination lawsuit against the USDA. Agreeable arrangements were made for the complainant relieving them from the harassing chain of command.
  • Complainant v. Dapartment of Defense (2016)- Pursed a pregnancy discrimination case against the Defense Intelligence Agency in which an EEOC Administrative Judge found the agency liable on summary judgement. 
  • Complainant v. Department of the Army (2016)- In a denial of promotion case, an agency agreed to provide back pay and benefits along with a six-figure lump sum payment in a settlement negotiation. The Agency also agreed to place the employee on paid administrative leave for two months prior to her retirement.

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