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School Wrongful Death Attorneys



We unfortunately live in a time where instances of sudden violence at our colleges, universities, high schools, and other educational institutions now occur in fairly regular intervals. While some of these institutions work along with experts and the authorities to keep their students and staff safe, many of these places remain complacent and unprotected against the unexpected—and when the unexpected does occur, legal action is called for.

At The Federal Practice Group, we have affiliated with counsel that has unparalleled experience in this specific area of the law: Attorney Douglas Fierberg was the first lawyer in the entire U.S. to exclusively represent victims of school violence. He and his team negotiated and secured a historic settlement on behalf of 20 families and clients who suffered loss and injury in the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. Since then, he has continued to be on the forefront of this area of the law and consistently ensures the voices of the victims and those left behind are heard.

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Victims and the loved ones of victims of school violence can be uncertain on how to proceed with legal action in the wake of these incidents. Certainly, a violent perpetrator is responsible for any injury or death that they cause, but these dangerous incidents and others do not occur without being fostered by a larger, systemic failing of the educational institution itself.

What school liabilities contribute to a wrongful death?

  • Lack of appropriate security
  • Lack of appropriate mental health resources
  • Lack of proper prohibition of activities (such as parties)
  • Dangerous hazards in campus housing
  • Any other failure to recognize a potential danger


In the wake of any wrongful death—especially that of young person—there can be a fervor and confusion over the details of the incident and what, precisely, contributed to the event. Our firm can help cut through that confusion and arrive at the actual, confirmable factors that made this tragedy possible.

Attorney Fierberg has already developed a reputation as a sought-after negotiator and, if necessary, can navigate aggressive litigation on behalf of the deserving plaintiffs in these cases. Both in and outside the courtroom, The Federal Practice Group can ensure that the gravity and injustice of your loss is compellingly put forth before the law.

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