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While recent media attention makes it seem like there is a spike in occurrences of school sexual assault, these reports merely give insight into an alarmingly common problem. Statistics from the official White House website reveal that 19% of women have reportedly been sexually assaulted since entering college, and the real number is likely much higher. While not often reported, it is estimated that a large percentage of men are victimized by this crime as well.

If you have been victimized by school sexual assault, you are not alone. At The Federal Practice Group, we have entered into an affiliation with renowned school violence Attorney Doug Fierberg to offer sexual assault victims the tireless, highly effective representation they need. We are passionate advocates for justice, and proudly offer our clients a high standard of discreet counsel when fighting for justice.

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Recent reports in the media have revealed an alarming truth – in many instances of sexual assault, the school is more concerned with defending their reputation and income than with the interests of their students. Victims of sexual assault are often afraid to come forward with claims, as they often experience backlash from other students.

Pursuing financial compensation may seem opportunistic, but we believe it is the minimum you are owed after experiencing sexual assault. When schools put their financial interests ahead of your health and safety, you need to send a message they will understand. By holding them legally accountable for their negligence, you may be able to help protect others from experiencing the same ordeal.

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Many people fail to realize the truly devastating impact sexual assault can have. In addition to physical harm, this criminal act can leave deep emotional scars that may impact the rest of a victim’s life. While financial compensation can’t undo this harm, it can help you move forward with your life. In many cases, we can help you pursue civil claims against the perpetrator, the school, and associated groups like fraternities.

Our firm can offer you national resources and an unparalleled track record of success in school violence cases. We are passionate advocates for the rights and interests of our clients, and will fight tirelessly for justice on your behalf when you retain our firm. We realize that the decision to take legal action is not an easy one, but we pride ourselves on our confidentiality and discreet counsel.

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