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Everyone deserves qualified, expert legal representation when they have been wronged. For that fundamental reason, the Federal Practice Group and The Fierberg National Law Group have joined together to form one of the most experienced personal injury teams in the nation. Led by expert attorneys, Eric Montalvo and Doug Fierberg, our primary focus is serving veterans and their families when they have either suffered from a personal injury, or wrongful death.

Meet Our Attorneys

Mr. Montalvo served in the United States Marine Corps JAG for over 21 years. He served as both a military prosecutor and defense attorney. While in the Marines, and now as a civilian, he has had enormous success in litigating high stakes military cases. Mr. Fierberg has over 25 years of expert experience and success in obtaining justice for personal injury victims. Mr. Fierberg’s success in recovering millions on behalf of his clients is unprecedented. The newly joined Personal Injury Team has over 46 years of expert experience in practicing law at the highest level. They are dedicated to achieving the best outcome for each and every client, in each and every case.

Why Choose The Federal Practice Group for Personal Injury?

If you are a veteran, then you know the sacrifice and commitment that you and other veterans have made for this country, and that is same level of commitment the Personal Injury Team will bring to your case. When you take on a large bureaucracy like the federal government, you need a team that is not only experienced and dedicated, but unintimidated.

Mr. Fierberg’s recovery success for personal injury clients speaks volumes to his commitment level to his clients. Please see links below for some case histories:

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If you have suffered from the negligence of others, you need to contact our firm to today and have our intake team assess your case. There are remedies that may be available for you. You will learn early on how aggressively our team will pursue your case, and you will always be kept abreast of any and all developments as your case moves forward.

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