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Agency Bid Protest Attorney Virginia

The Federal Practice Group has a successful record of handling cases that involve protests of government contract awards; contact our agency bid protest attorney in Virginia. If your company has been excluded unfairly from competition or are fighting to retain a contract you were awarded, we can help. If you are contemplating filing a protest after a bid award, or a protest has been filed that targets your company, our agency bid protest attorney in Virginia provides quality legal services. Give us a call today to learn more during a complimentary case review. A Virginia Agency Bid Protest Attorney Your Company Can Count On.

It can require an enormous amount of resources for a company to submit a bid for a government contract. Should they unfairly lose that opportunity to a lesser qualified company, it can be financially devastating. The same is also true if a company wins a contract but a lesser qualified company files a bid protest. An agency bid protest attorney in Virginia from our firm as soon as possible is critical in order to meet the quick filing deadline that will be assigned to your protest. Our agency bid protest attorney in Virginia can assist you with the following:

  1. Provide a depth of understanding about the bid protest process and the applicable deadline restrictions for your case. Should your contract win be protested, the procuring agency may have to suspend that contract or delay the start date. Our agency bid protest attorney will be able to provide you with concise information.
  2. Identify what grounds your company may be eligible to file a protest.
  3. Determine which forum is most appropriate for your company to file a protest. This may be the procuring agency itself, the Small Business Administration, the Court of Federal Claims, or the General Accountability Office. In this way, our agency bid protest attorney can help ensure that your protest is not delayed or denied simply because it was filed with the wrong agency. Before engaging in the protest, we can also inform you of the cost and timeline for filing the protest.
  4. Determine if your company is eligible to receive a debriefing of the contract award process. If provided, the information can inform decisions you make about your company’s protest.
  5. Research and prepare your company’s bid protest and ensure that it meets all required regulations, requirements, eligibility, and include all previous rulings that set precedence in support of your case.
  6. Represent your company in all discussions and correspondence with opposing attorneys who represent the relevant government agencies as well as the other companies that are involved in the bid protest.
  7. Respond to the agency’s and opposing parties’ filings, including objections to our requests during discovery and motions to dismiss the protest. Our Virginia agency bid protest attorney can also prepare follow up responses to the appropriate parties.

To learn more about how our agency bid protest attorney Virginia  can assist your company throughout the process, contact Federal Practice Group for a free consultation.

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