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If you are an employee for the federal government and were accused of misconduct, an Adverse Action Attorney DC residents trust at the Federal Practice Group strongly advise speaking with us immediately about your situation. This is a very complex area of law, and the outcome can have a serious impact on your life. For cases where the federal government is involved, it is recommended you seek the assistance of a highly qualified lawyer who has the many years of experience working with such cases that have inherent complexities. A government case is complicated for many reasons, due to factors like the multiple bodies operating within the government and the difficulty in prosecuting federal agencies. At our law firm, we have years of experience handling federal worker cases for people just like you, who were accused of misusing government properly, performing poorly, falsifying federal information, and more. If you are facing these accusations, you should be aware of your full rights. We are wholly committed to fighting for workers rights and ensuring they are protected. Our team has established ourselves as having a positive reputation within this community and beyond, are not afraid to fight relentlessly for those in need of legal guidance.

This may be a difficult and intimidating situation for you to go through. If not handled properly, the case can leave a mark on your record that can impact your life years. However, there are ways for you to receive guidance if you set up a consultation early. If you are not sure whether your case warrants getting an attorney, we can provide a free, initial consultation at no obligation if you want to learn more. There may be several questions or points of concern you would like to address during your initial appointment. You can have your answers questioned so you can have a better understanding of your situation. Call The Federal Practice Group today for more details.

Federal Employee Allegations

Facing an adverse action may be challenging and highly stressful. Any notice of disciplinary or adverse action puts your livelihood on the line. Accusations of misconduct should be taken seriously, but you have a right to have your charges examined by an attorney. How do I know the charges are justified? What are the proper steps that need to be taken? How can I make sure my legal rights are protected? These are questions you may be wondering. If it is your first incident, you may be reluctant to obtain legal help in fear of further escalating the situation. However, it’s important that you know your rights and what legal choices you can exercise. You should not immediately accept an adverse action notice without speaking to a qualified adverse action lawyer for professional help.

If you were subjected to adverse actions and are a federal worker, you have a right to start action against them. It is imperative that you get legal support from an experienced attorney as soon as possible, who can protect your best interests and legal rights at this time. You need someone who will fiercely advocate for your behalf and offer critical guidance every step of the way. To hire an attorney that is not familiar with adverse action cases would be detrimental to your case, and may put the quality of your defense in jeopardy. Obtain quality representation so you can have a strong defense against the charges levied against you. Don’t hesitate to call an Attorney for Adverse Action in DC now at The Federal Practice Group for help.

When an employee commits a disruptive action that is deemed to negatively impact the employee or several employees in the workplace, the employer often retaliates with adverse action. Examples of adverse actions that your employer may inflict on you can consist of:

  • Being suspended for 14+ days
  • Being terminated from federal service
  • Being furloughed for 30 days or less
  • Demotion to a lower-paying position
  • Causing a hostile work environment

How We Can Help

An attorney from The Federal Practice Group can challenge the adverse or disciplinary actions based on violations of your constitutional rights, including procedural errors. We can challenge these allegations that you face zealously and will advocate for these claims to be dropped based on contradictory information or lack of evidence. To challenge them, we can research the evidence and facts to see if there are underlying weaknesses in the charges. Examples include inexperience of a supervisor or a fault in the delivery of the adverse action notice. Please note that even if these allegations are at least partially true, that your case may not be entirely lost. We can still fight for a reduction in penalties and other associated consequences if the charges stand. Influencing factors as to whether you may win the case include your past record, character, evidence, witnesses, and more. If litigation is needed, we can prepare you for negotiations and court hearings. We will take appropriate steps to mitigate disciplinary actions against you. We can advise you so that your due process rights are protected. Call us right now for insight and counsel.

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It is important that you act early if you are a federal employee who has received an adverse action notice. Do not wait another day stressed out wondering what you are going to do to fight against adverse action. Fortunately, there is legal help available to you. The time and energy that goes into initiating a case is worth it, considering the potential consequences of a misconduct charge. You have a right to defend yourself to the best of your ability, especially if your employment and your hard-earned reputation are at stake. You don’t want to take action against any allegation when it’s too late. There are legal professionals out there, including ourselves, who are ready to jump in and come to your defense. Please call an Adverse Action Attorney in DC at The Federal Practice Group today to have your questions answered.

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