The Federal Practice Group Mission Statement

The Federal Practice Group is a law firm comprised of experienced litigators focused on providing our clients with access to justice. Our future will be built upon an unshakeable foundation of legal expertise, diversity, and aggressive and ethical representation of our clients. We strive to ensure that our clients are heard, listened to, and feel like they have a team behind them and a partner by their side. Our reputation will precede us, as we are known to be a place where relief and solutions are sought and obtained.

We will serve those who serve and sacrifice to defend our nation. We will defend the falsely accused. We will give voice to those who have been ignored and maltreated.  We will walk with you – not in front of you. We will always strive assist our clients meet their goals, and our measures of success will be tears, smiles, and handshakes.

We will be undeterred in our efforts. We will give sight to our lady of justice.  We will be present in every clime and place our clients need us to be.

We will lead and others will follow.