Got a Ticket? Review It For Mistakes First

Posted By MatadorAdmin || 14-Apr-2022

Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you are pulled over for a violation in traffic law, the officer is likely to give you a traffic ticket. On this ticket it should have information such as the fine cost, summons date, alleged offense, vehicle details, and your name. Errors on traffic tickets can happen when officers are being absentminded or in a rush to get somewhere else. When there is a mistake on a ticket, a person has a stronger chance at fighting it. 

In a hurry to get where they need to be, an officer may jot down the wrong license plate number, make/model of your car, or other identifiers. This wrong information can increase the odds of having it thrown out in court. But, you have to bring forward evidence that shows the information is not accurate.

Another tip for fighting a traffic ticket is to consider the equipment that may have been used. For instance, if you received a ticket for speeding and the officer utilized a radar gun, it’s worth asking yourself if this tool may have been used in a flawed way. Your lawyer can investigate this further for you. Equipment such as radar guns are supposed to be properly callibrated and used in a specific manner. Factors like storms, high winds, and other turbulent weather can affect the accuracy of traffic cameras and radars.

When it comes to handling a ticket, as a Traffic Ticket Attorney from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can attest, it’s important to first look at the ticket itself and review it for errors. Mistakes on a traffic ticket may result in the ticket being dropped altogether. And because traffic tickets often result in higher insurance rates and marks on driving records, it may be worth fighting the ticket.

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