Debra D’Agostino Article on Reductions in Force Published by The Hill

Posted By fedpractice || 18-Apr-2017

Debra D’Agostino, Founding Partner at the Federal Practice Group and opinion contributor for The Hill, recently had an article published that focuses on reductions in force (RIFs). Her article –Brace yourself, federal employees: ‘Reductions in force’ are coming – is a direct address to employees of the federal government who may be concerned about their positions and line of work amid expected sweeping budgetary changes under the Trump administration.

In her article, Ms. D’Agostino comments on the looming budget, that although has yet to be passed, will likely reshape many federal agencies and result in reductions in force. While the budget will affect the fiscal year beginning in October, it becomes critical to prepare for what she refers to as the RIF tsunami.

Drawing from her experience as a federal employment law attorney and RIFs that have occurred in the past, Ms. D’Agostino discusses several options for federal employees who may be facing layoffs or termination due to budget cuts. Many of these options are more cost effective for agencies that want to avoid terminations.

Among these options are:

  • Incentives for early retirement
  • Performance appraisal preparation
  • Transfers and relocation
  • Voluntary demotion

Ms. D’Agostino’s article provides an in-depth assessment of these options for federal employees, and provides helpful information about how they can best prepare themselves. She also details the potential benefits and drawbacks of these options, as well as which federal employees may find them most feasible. Ultimately, her key piece of advice encourages federal employees to stay connected and become involved in discussion about the future of their agency and their available options. She also reminds employees that they have rights when an agency fails to properly place them on the retention register or when a RIF is conducted in a discriminatory fashion under the MSPB or EEOC.

For more information, you can read Attorney D’Agostino’s full article by clicking here. You can also learn more about your rights and options when it comes to your agency and reductions in force by contacting the Federal Practice Group to speak personally with a federal employment lawyer.

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