Idaho Mountain Express Quotes Eric Montalvo on Bergdahl Case

Posted By fedpractice || 17-Jan-2016

As Bowe Bergdahl’s court martial continues to unfold and the podcast Serial – which centers on Bergdahl and his side of the story – gains more attention, numerous media and news outlets are turning to the experienced lawyers at The Federal Practice Group to gain insight into the case and the court martial process. Firm Founder Eric Montalvo has already shared his insight as a former military prosecutor and military criminal defense lawyer with decades of experience with many notable news sources.

In his most recent appearance, Attorney Montalvo was quoted in the Idaho Mountain Express discussing Bergdahl’s case and, in particular, Bergdahl’s appearance and comments on Serial. As Montalvo states, Bergdahl’s decision to do Serial was certainly one that poses numerous risks and introduces the possibility that what he says on the podcast will be used against him in court.

Montalvo further states that Bergdahl’s statements in previous episodes about why he left his troop could potentially make the government’s case easier, particularly for the desertion charge he faces. To read the full article and Mr. Montalvo’s thoughts, click here.

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