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Has Your Security Clearance Been Denied?

Posted By fedpractice || 2-Nov-2012

Working with the federal government can be a tasking job, and perhaps a little more invasive than if you worked at a local retail store. When you are under the employment of the government, as you go higher in your rankings, the moresecurity clearance you will need in order to be allowed access to certain information. This process not only includes a background check like a normal place of employment, but they search with a fine tooth comb every bit of information about your life. This includes looking at your personal finances, your history of debt and late payments, your assets and liabilities, your educational details, past employment, and more.

Due to the importance of maintaining a high security level on certain information it is admired that the government goes through such lengths to protect their people, however in the midst of this process employees jobs may be at risk for minor infractions. For example, if you have a late car payment, or even a traffic ticket, the government will know about it, and there is a chance that your security clearance ability will then be taken away or decreased.

While you may not decide that filing a lawsuit against the government, and your place of employment is a good idea, if you feel as though your security clearance level should have not been affected by a minor aspect of your outside life, consider talking to an attorney about your situation. At The Federal Practice Group we have years of experience helping clients who have been suspended of certain rights and are seeking to get them back. Also, if you have recently been hired by the government and need someone to help you look through the many details involving the application process for your security clearance, contact our firm for the legal assistance you need!

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