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The Federal Practice Group Advantage in Military Defense

Posted By fedpractice || 11-Aug-2012

Many attorneys who represent clients in military criminal law cases focus exclusively on trial courts. This means that these attorneys operate within the limits set by a military judge at the trial level. For clients, this means that they may have to look for another attorney once their case is over and there are outstanding legal issues. The trial level attorneys are not accustomed to filing writs for relief and petitions in support of writs at the appellate levels.

The advantage of selecting the military defense team from The Federal Practice Group is that we are familiar with not only trial level but also appellate levels. When necessary, we represent clients at the Army Court of Criminal Appeals (ACCA) or Navy-Marine Court of Criminal Appeals (NMCCA), among others. Our attorneys are also admitted to the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces – the court of the second appellate level.

In addition, when necessary, we file writs for relief at the appellate level, when we cannot obtain relief at the trial level before the case is over. This is a critical advantage because it allows to have a second look at some of the legal issues before our client suffers prejudice. For example, if there are strong legal grounds to show that the military judge incorrectly ruled, we may want to challenge his or her ruling at the appellate level. If successful, the appellate court will reverse the military judge’s ruling. Clients who select attorneys stricly specializing at the trial level do not have this advantage.

When selecting a military defense counsel, consider not only his or her trial level experience, but also his or her appellate experience. We are confident that when you examine our military defense team, you will be satisfied with the level of expertise in both.

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