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Government Procurement Contracts – You and the Federal Acquisition Regulation

Posted By fedpractice || 3-Jun-2012

Government Procurement Contracts are governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation which is complex and multifaceted. It also has over 2000 pages. The entire purpose behind the Federal Acquisition Regulation is to maintain Government Procurement competitive, transparent, and consistent. Congress updates it every year. The Federal Acquisition Regulation applies to all agencies in the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government (Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Veterans Affairs, etc).

The Small Business Administration offers help in learning your obligations, as a small business or an independent contractor, under the Federal Acquisition Regulation. But, if you need legal advice that requires further legal research, you may want to contract an attorney who practices in Government Procurement Law; an attorney who will work for you to ensure that the Federal Acquisition Regulation will protect your business.

The Federal Practice Group is ready to assist you in

  • Contract compliance management. FAR places numerous requirements on each business that contracts with the Government.
  • Contract changes. Sometimes the Government or you need to make post-award changes.
  • Inspection and Testing. Often, the Government requirements for testing and inspection are expensive and cause delays.
  • Claims. Sometimes you may have to file a claim with the contracting officer to assert your rights.
  • Equitable Price Adjustments. If you realize that you are operating at a loss, the FAR provides remedies. EPA is one of them.
  • Issues under Prompt Payment Act
  • Issues under Service Contract Act
  • Issues under Safety Standards Act
  • Timely appeals of unfavorable decisions made by contracting officers. To preserve your rights, you may be forced to request relief at the Armed Services Board for Contract Appeals or Civilian Board of Contract Appeals.
  • Cure Notices. Notice from the Government that your contract may be terminated.

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