Sex Crimes and Courts-Martial

Posted By fedpractice || 22-Apr-2012

As even the mere hint of a sex crime could ruin an individual’s reputation forever, these allegations should be taken very seriously. If you were accused of a sex crime while in the military, your situation could have even more devastating consequences. A recent report has stated that sex crimes in the military are more likely to be convicted than they ever have been in the past. Although this is a good thing, sex crime cases often come down to the alleged victim’s word against the alleged offender’s word. With the percentage of convictions increasing, so is the likelihood that someone may be falsely convicted of this crime.

Types of military sex offenses can include possession or distribution of child pornography, sexual assault and rape, indecent exposure, sex with a minor, and much more. In a civilian case, you could be facing fines and jail time. In a military criminal case, the consequences could be more far-reaching and affect your future and your career. These cases are usually tried in a court-martial, a process very different from a civilian trial.

As these cases are different, it is important that you have a legal representative on your side who has experience in military criminal defense law. At the Federal Practice Group, their team of professionals has experience in these types of cases. They have represented members of the Navy, Army, Marines, and more who have been accused of countless different offenses. Whether you were accused of violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice or were accused of committing a crime, you need a skilled court martial attorney who can help protect your rights and best interests. For more information, please contact a court martial attorney from the team today. They could examine the details of your case and learn how they could help you.

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