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Gun & Weapons Crimes

Military Criminal Defense Attorney

Gun or weapon crimes are most likely going to be classified as a violent crime. Crimes which can be charged as the illegal use of a weapon include assault, battery, murder and terrorism. These are very serious offenses and can often lead to lengthy prison sentences and a federal conviction. If anyone thought their life was in danger while you acted with a gun or weapon, you can receive a court-martial, fines and a prison sentence. Guns and other weapons are issued to many members of the armed services and they will be deemed a threat if used improperly. A court-martial lawyer can provide you with personal legal counsel if you have been charged with a gun or weapon crime.

Why hire an attorney for a military gun crime?

You need a lawyer who has vast experience in military law and is dedicated to providing an aggressive defense for his clients. The Federal Practice Group is that firm. Our firm represents clients from all over the world and have committed over one hundred years of combined military law experience to help each client receive valuable counsel. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and the pressure from this charge may be causing stress for you and your family. We will analyze each detail and explore every available option to ensure that you have a strong case heading into trial. Contact a military criminal defense lawyer for a consultation!