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Boards of Inquiry

Military Criminal Defense Attorney

A Board of Inquiry is an administrative procedure that occurs most often when an officer of the Armed Services commits an error or an act that reflects upon the officer or the service. Generally composed of three officers, Boards of Inquiry are brought about to investigate the act committed by the person, not just in the context of the event itself, but also by examining the specific person in terms of record in the Armed Services. There are a variety of outcomes that are possible at the conclusion of Boards of Inquiry, and the negative consequences can impact one's ability to succeed, both in the military and in other careers.

A Board of Inquiry hearing can be devastating for any number of reasons including demotion, both of station and pay, less than honorable discharge before becoming vested in a retirement plan, and others. Engaging in these hearings without proper legal support will likely leave you extremely vulnerable. For these reasons, it is critical that a qualified, accomplished military criminal defense lawyer hear the details of the incident to make a proper determination in terms of defense strategy.

Quality Counsel for Boards of Inquiry

The Federal Practice Group is a team of dedicated veteran military attorneys who have a deep understanding of military law and process. Our firm is able to effectively represent clients worldwide, with a thorough, detailed strategy that will provide the best possible chance at success. The legal team at the firm fights to assist clients to avoid many of the negative consequences of Boards of Inquiry hearings such as demotion, discharge and others. Contact a court martial lawyer from our office today to learn more!