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Advance Your Business Interests at Home & Abroad

Business law is complex even for company owners who conduct all of their commercial operations stateside. As a businessman or woman with international offices, obtaining savvy legal representation and counsel becomes almost a necessity. Most attorneys are not prepared to offer the level of counsel and representation needed for international businesses.

You Can Trust The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service

The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service was founded in 2011, and the firm's team of elite attorneys brings more than a century of collective legal experience to the table. The firm focuses on cases that fall under the broad umbrella of United States federal law, offering advanced and knowledgeable representation for challenging legal matters. The team is thoroughly familiar with international law and prepared to offer the counsel and assistance you require.

The firm is experienced in handling matters including, but not limited to:

  • Business development (such as establishing and expanding your company)
  • Federal Appellate Law
  • Foreign investment in the United States
  • Immigration / naturalization for foreign nationals who wish to work in the United States
  • Contracts with the United States federal government
  • Afghanistan business interaction with expatriate corporations and governments
  • Foreign corporation representation in the United States and overseas

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The lawyers at The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service are world-renowned professionals with a reputation for aggressive and successful advocacy. Entrusting your business interests to an attorney without this level of experience could prove regrettable. Discuss your overseas commercial objectives with an acclaimed federal law practitioner who possesses the exceptional credentials necessary to advance your business endeavors.

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