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National & International Development

Legal Assistance with Business Development

Business development is a very involved process and doing it right takes the guidance of an insightful and experienced international lawyer. There are many areas that require careful address and countless complexities that can arise and require fast and effective resolution. For a comprehensive approach which takes into account your entire business operation and goals, speak with the team at The Federal Practice Group Worldwide Service. Making the right decisions is a matter of luck if you don't have the information you need as to your rights, responsibilities and options. We can provide you with this information and guide you in the strategic pursuit of your objectives.

Our firm works with companies of all sizes and structures and also offers foreign corporation representation in the U.S. and abroad. We can offer guidance as to your choice of business entity and what factors to consider in making that decision. Legal compliance is an issue that will be intimate to the operation of your business from its inception. Our familiarity with international law allows us to direct you as to permit and licensing requirements, terms of commercial transactions and a wide array of compliance issues.

International Attorney

Beyond helping to establish your business, our firm can assist in its actual development and advice on matters relating to strategic growth. We will undertake a comprehensive review of the activities and proposed activities of your business and provide personalized and objective advice and suggestions. Not only will we address legal risks, we will also address business risks, as legal details should be used to support the primary purpose of your expansion and profits. We work with clients nationwide and worldwide and if required, can also assist with immigration/naturalization matters where that will serve you.

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